Principles Of Search Engine Optimization

A recent study showed that websites that appear on the first page of results in the Google search receive 91.5% clicks for the first page, 4.8% for the second page, 1.1% for the third and 1, 2% between the fourth and tenth page. To this, just looking at the first page, the first result generates 18 times more clicks than the tenth.

More than 80% of users use search engines to find products and information they need. The largest search engine is Google and is serving more than one billion queries per day.

According to the latest report by Nielsen, more than 74% of users use search engines before making a purchase and the percentage of users who use search engines increases every day. So, if you have a website and you want to visit it beyond your friends and family you have to bet whether or not for search engine optimization (SEO) and other online marketing strategies.
The robots or spider is the part of the search engine that indexes web pages. The tracker visits the websites periodically to find changes in the content and modify their ranking according to set criteria.

There are many factors by which browsers position a page, but the basic factors for web positioning include:

Popularity authority, which is basically based on the user experience, the more the content is shared or the more inbound links a more relevant website will be considered.

It is the relationship that a certain page has with a search performed, not only the number of times the word is searched but also that the page is well optimized for the search engine that the content is original or that it has a quicker loading time.

In broad strokes, the tasks to be performed are varied and wide. Be aware of our online presence and search engine results. Analyze data and trends about keywords, track traffic and links to each content to make them fresh and attractive. Work with the development of each page so that each page is optimized for search engines. Get links from popular pages without relying on link purchases.

Avoid Black Hat SEO! that is to try better positioning with unethical techniques.